New Year New you?

Welcome to 2019 and the beginning of a new you.

By committing yourself to a program of detox and repair with Ozone Life your body can heal and recover from the lifetime of beatings you have been giving it.  Not to mention the few extra inches added by the Christmas silly season.

Weightloss and sculpting are achievable with the Hocatt.  Talk to me about what you are hoping to achieve.

Detox and healthy healing of your bodily functions is essential.  The Hocatt is a serious and effective method of achieving this.  Transdermal absorption of superoxygen (Ozone) triggers a deep and effective release of the toxins floating around in your blood and locked into your tissues after years of exposure to the poisons in our foods and environment.   A solid 10 session committment will sort your bodily processes out and then come back as often as you like for a top up.  The Ozone will stay in your body for up to 10 days (depending on how actively you are burning it off) So if you did a session every 10 days after your initial detox then your body would remain in prime healing mode for whatever you chose to throw at it.  This is the best preventitave method you will find available in New Zealand for ensuring your health and wellbeing.

Of course a good intake of clean water and healthy food choices is important to give your body the best possible chance of a long and healthy life.  Man cannot survive on Oxygen alone.  At Rosebrooke Life wellness clinic we can offer help and information for how to fullfill the other requirements your body has for good health.  Ozonated water is available here and advice and information to  set a plan of nutritious eating is available.

A healthy mind is also important for your body to heal, especially from the worst case scenarios.  Kristin is always available to discuss and work through with you what things you may need to change in your thought processes to achive full and permanent healing of your mind and Body.  Ask me if this is a foreign concept to you as I am happy to discuss with you how to achieve a happy and fulfilling life of peace and good health.

Start with listening to some healing sounds to get your mind ready for your transformation.

try this:

Posted: Saturday 12 January 2019

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