Touching base from Far away

Thanks for stopping by to catch up with what is happening at Rosebrooke Life Wellness clinic.

Unfortunately I am still offshore and unable to open my clinic in Wellington to bring wellness to your life there.  However, the good news is that I have opened a small clinic here in Egypt and will continue to bring health and healing to those in need on this side of the world for now.

The location is a very different one to what I am used to and I am slowly adjusting to the heat which is steadily creeping upwards into the 40's.  I understand the 50's is fairly normal in the summertime here.  So Aircon is my best friend for maintaining a useable clinic space (not my favourite, but necessary).  This is quite the opposite to my Wellington clinic where heating is the main component for bringin comfort to the massage clients.

I don't have an Ozone Sauna here in Egypt but am still using Ozone in small doses with Ozonated water and Ozone gas treatment of individual areas of concern like wounds and pain zones.  Also Ozonated oils for making a base for individual blends for those in need.

I look forward to finding a way to bring more Ozone use into my daily activities here.  I am not able to work this full time as I have other committments during our time in Egypt so have adapted my healing ways to other modalities like teaching dance and hosting a women's support group.

I hope you all are staying safe and well through the Global Pandemic that has gripped the world in an unreal turn of events since we departed NZ.  It truly is incredible to watch the way this has unfolded and the way the world leaders have chosen to deal with the situation.  This is a time in our lives that will go down in history like no other.  Remember to remain positive and use your extra time for planning forward movement in a loving way.  Embrace kindness and compassion to other humans and also to the environment.  Mothr Earth is our partner in maintaining our health and wellbeing and each of us need to do our part in protecting and nourishing her.

Wishing you well and a happy and healthy year ahead.

Warm regards,

Kristin @ Rosebrooke Life

p.s. I've added a link to another Greater Wellington location available for HOCATT Ozone Sauna.

Posted: Sunday 3 May 2020

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