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  • Ozone Generator
    600mg/h Ozone Generator Great For enhancing good health at home.

    ozone generator, it is perfectly suited for your personal home use. Give yourself a healthier lifestyle and feel the cleansing properties of ozone. This ozonator produces up to 600mg of ozone per hour and has been developed for various applications at home or in the office.
    The Ozonator comes with everything necessary to remove bad odors, destruct viruses, bacteria and mildew, purify drinking water, remove chemicals and pesticides.
    The device is portable and can be transported and used from one room to another.
    A simple Dial control to make it very easy to use the desired settings.
    NZ$ 120.00
  • Catheter used for the administration of Ozone gas to the Vagina or Rectum.
    NZ$ 2.50
  • A Personalised blend of aromatherapy oils designed to treat a specific issue. A blend that holds a synergistic effect in the treatment of a specific ailment. Made for you at the clinic on the day or purchased/ordered ahead and collected at your appointment.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Ozone Life Personalised Blend 10ml Roller tip
    Personalised blend created for you by Kristin from Ozonated oil base and a selection of appropriate Essential oils designed for your specific requirements. Pick up at your appointment.
    NZ$ 15.00
  • Ozone Life Water Bottle
    Stainless steel water bottle appropriate for Ozonated water consumption.
    NZ$ 20.00 1 filled Ozonated
    Collect at your appointment
  • The Gift of Ozone Life Voucher
    First a thorough Consultation . Then a 30 minute holistic healing treatment in the Hocatt Ozone Sauna. An Ear insufflation treatment for the Ear, Nose and Throat zone giving a direct Oxygen treatment for the ears, sinuses, brain and eyes. All while drinking Ozone water to help heal the digestive tract.
    Afterwards a complimentary Fascial Kinetics relaxation treatment.

    The Hocatt is a 9 in 1 wellness support treatment in 30 minute sessions . Used not more than 3 x a week and not less than 1 every 10 days to be truly effective.
    Fascial Kinetics(a Bowen Therapy) is a gentle but thorough bodywork which can be applied through and around clothing.

    Gift a voucher to a loved one in need. Purchase your voucher now.
    NZ$ 120.00
    NZ$ 75.00
    make appointment by phone

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