De-stress and Detox

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This treatment is suggested for those who want to help the body heal itself. It maximises toxin elimination and encourages rejuvenation to the skin and organs healing from a cellular level. It has been recorded that this treatment is effective in pain management, skin conditions, more effective medication action, therefore lower dosages and under the guidance of a good specialist, very quick recovery from chemotherapy and radium.

Medical grade Ozone is delivered trans-dermally with the assistance of Carbonic Acid and warm steam infused with aroma essences, while gentle electro stimulation frequency pulses through your body,  you relax back against the Far Infrared warming panel while breathing in fresh, pure, medical grade oxygen outside the pod. Photon Lights deliver healing colour frequencies inside the pod and you can choose to listen to sound healing binaural beats via headphones if you want the full holistic experience.

What could be more simple and relaxing?

Feeling the Stress?

Is study or research pressure getting on top of you and you're struggling to keep your focus and make headway due to fatigue and brain fog?

The Hocatt Ozone Sauna can help clear your mind, reduce your stress levels, balance your hormones and provide your body the energy you need to achieve your goals.

Can't keep up?

Is work getting on top of you due to not having the energy to juggle everything you need to in life?  You need to boost your energy and focus so that you can keep on top of life's demands.

The Hocatt Ozone Sauna will increase your energy levels to meet your demands and heal your body so that it is less of a struggle to maintain focus and progress.

Getting run down and feeling like you keep getting colds and flu's?  The Hocatt will neutralise those bugs and viruses so that you can completely eliminate them from your body.  Allowing your body to detox and rebuild your immune system to feel strong again.

Feeling depressed and struggling to motivate yourself for life's daily grind?  The Hocatt has been shown to help balance moods and low energy. Detoxing your brain and allowing you to find a way out of the fog and back to the surface.  Try the Hocatt for a boost in mood and energy to get back on top.

Got an injury you just can't shake off? Constant pain getting you down?  The Hocatt helps your body overcome pain and heal from a cellular level. Letting you get your life back. Your body will have the best ingredients for healing itself. Combined with a balanced healthy diet and plenty of water consumption you can overcome this.

It's time take control

Your body will thank you for the detox and de-stress you will find here.

The Hocatt Ozone Sauna is the all in one answer to your run down, over tired, stressed out dreams.

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