Consultation and Intro to the Hocatt

  • Consultation and Intro to the Hocatt
A thorough consultation to assess your personal needs and establish a plan for ongoing growth of your Wellness.

A short introduction taster of the Hocatt Sauna to help you with your ongoing planning and assist with your understanding of how your body can benefit from this simplified wellness system.
So that you are sure the Hocatt way is for you before committing to any ongoing sessions.
NZ$ 40.00 including GST
startup consult
45 minutes

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This treatment is suggested for those who want to help the body heal itself. It maximises toxin elimination and encourages rejuvenation to the skin and organs. It has been recorded that this treatment is effective in pain management, skin conditions, more effective medication action, therefore lower dosages and under the guidance of a good specialist, very quick recovery from chemotherapy and radium.

Medical grade Ozone is delivered trans-dermally with the assistance of Carbonic Acid and warm steam infused with aroma essences, while gentle electro stimulation frequency pulses through your body,  you relax back against the Far Infrared warming panel while breathing in fresh, pure, medical grade oxygen outside the pod. Photon Lights deliver healing colour frequencies inside the pod and you can choose to listen to sound healing binaural beats via headphones if you want the full holistic experience.

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