Massage Therapy

  • Massage Therapy
Choose your massage style on the day whether it's Swedish massage or De Mousgraffe Method
NZ$ 40.00 including GST
Per half hour
45 minutes

     De Mousgraffe Method of Massage Therapy

This method incorporates multiple methods of healing including Relaxation techniques, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology, Auric healing, Acupressure, Cranial Therapy and Polarity Balancing.  It is a very thorough and personalized treatment designed to be adapted to your personal needs on the day of your treatment. Physical and energy healing combined makes for a very thorough treatment program.  With this method your body leads me with what healing is required and how much to do and where to focus my work. I combine different techniques and it has the potential to become a full body  work over or just specific to one area in a deep and releasing intensive application of healing body work.

Swedish Massage

Swedish is more vigorous.  A high energy style of massage using 5 different techniques at a quick pace of delivery.  Massage oils are used for good glide and slip on the skin surface.  Varying depth is used for a stimulating massage to help free up painful muscles and tension areas throughout the body. 100% pure aromatherapy oils are used to help trigger the release and healing needs specifically required for your own situation.  This style is well known and popular as a standard go to Massage technique for those who don't really know what they want or need but just want a massage please.  

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