Ozone Life Water Bottle

  • Ozone Life Water Bottle
Stainless steel water bottle appropriate for Ozonated water consumption.
NZ$ 20.00 including GST
1 filled Ozonated
Collect at your appointment
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All treatments available at Rosebrooke Life Wellness Clinic encourage the drinking of water to facilitate the flushing of toxins from the body and the proper hydration required for healthy function of all organs and processes.  Ozonated water is available at the clinic and will be freshly ozonated during your appointment ready for immediate consumption and Healing from within.  Ozone will eat through a plastic bottle filling it with toxins so it is recommended that you use a glass or Stainless steel bottle to contain your ozonated water.  This water bottle available from the clinic is suitable for Ozonated water and the mouth of the bottle is wide enough to allow for the bubbling stone to fit through so the ozonation can happen directly in your bottle.  Therefore there is no risk of loss of ozone during the transfer of water into your receptacle.

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